Popular video streaming platform, YouTube, has confirmed the release of its new feature that enables users to translate the comments. The company notes that the new feature can translate over 100 different languages. The new feature has already been rolled out for the YouTube Mobile app for both Android and iOS. Now, users will be able to translate the text in a comment section and understand what the user is trying to say, even if they don’t speak the language. The feature was earlier limited to desktop.

YouTube made the announcement via its official Twitter account and noted that the new update will provide a translate button below comment in the app. The feature will be supported by Google Translator. We can easily translate any text to an understandable language, and also easily switch to the original comments. 

How it works

For example, a comment posted below a video is in a different language, and you have your default language set to English, you will get an option “Translate to English” right below that particular comment. 

Now on mobile: A ‘Translate’ button for YouTube comments in over 100 languages

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