Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

The release of PUBG Mobile’s upcoming Indian rival FAU-G is reportedly set for December 2020. The made in India multiplayer game recently went live for pre-registration, and its maker nCore Games claim that it saw a record 1 million pre-registrations within 24 hours.  

As per a report by InsideSport, sources close to nCore Games have said that FAU-G could be launched this month. However, the developers of the game are yet to announce an official release date fo the game. The report cites the source to reveal that “the developers are trying their utmost to catch the December timeline for the launch and if all goes well the launch of FAUG before the 2021 deadline is looking possible now.”

The makers of the game earlier said that it would be available for download by November, which didn’t happen. As of now, we do not know when the game will be ready for download unless the recent report turns out to be true. However, the game has is listed on Google Play, and pre-registrations have kicked off, which indirectly points towards its release.

Everything we know about FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards)

The developers have not shared much about the gameplay or how the game will be, but we’ve joined dots to set our expectations from what’s available from the official source. For starters, we got a look at what appears to be the main menu of the game, which suggests that it will feature two in-game currencies. Most likely one will be a free currency, while the other will be a premium currency that can be bought in exchange for real money. There is also an in-game store that should allow players to make in-game purchases.

Also, n-Core Games dropped the first teaser for FAU-G a few weeks back. While it doesn’t reveal a lot about the actual gameplay, it does suggest a focus on the Indo-China clashes at the Galwan Valley. While most battle royale games are synonymous to guns and grenades, FAU-G teaser focuses on melee-based combat with soldiers resorting to clubs and hand-to-hand combat. There seems to be a focus on team-based action as we see five soldiers standing together towards the end of the teaser.

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