Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Xiaomi has says it plans to brand new hair tool “The XL Experience” with regards to March 17 in Asia, hinting it could be the first wise TV under the Redmi developer. While Xiaomi has not determined that it is launching a smart HOME THEATER under the Redmi brand, each teasers it has shared usually hints at a television. Xiaomi first teased the publish of “The XL Experience” towards the end of the Redmi Note 10 series brand new hair tool in India.

Xiaomi has proven that it will launch a Redmi product on March eighteen at 12: 00 SOMETHIN ON MY WALL in India. It is not known whether Xiaomi is seeking to launch the Redmi Highest potential 86-inch TV which not too launched in China or even will it unveil a new commodity altogether.

Bigger, better? Nah, we’re going straight to XL!

Brace yourselves for the #XLExperience! #Redmi’s 1st Smart _ _ is coming your way inside 17th March at 15 noon.

RT and help connected with share this XL information. pic. twitter. com/udMANrsTrY

— Redmi India — #RedmiNote10 Series (@RedmiIndia) Parade, sashay 8, 2021

Additionally , Xiaomi could also brand new hair tool a 65-inch smart VIDEO in India since the Conmigo TV 4X 65-inches is not listed on the Xiaomi website. Unquestionably the Mi TV 4X opened their gates back in 2019 so it’s actually due for an upgrade. Never the less, Xiaomi is yet to make sure that the exact television that it is sending to India next week.

Xiaomi cutting edge designs and products offers multiple smart Tv set ranging from 32-inch to 55-inches and starting from as low as Rs 14, 999 going up to be able to Rs 54, 999.

Xiaomi Redmi XL Explore smart TV expected aspects

Xiaomi Redmi ‘XL Experience’ smart TÉLÉ has also been listed on Amazon, demonstrating that it will be available to purchase from The amazon website India after its discharge. While the listing does not demonstrate the features of the upcoming materials, the company could launch recent TVs under the Redmi Charnu or Redmi Max pipe as it does in China based online stores.

Nonetheless, there is a possibility that we gets an entirely new product range underneath the Redmi brand, and we insist on Xiaomi to reveal key account details in the heads-up to the product release on March 17.

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