Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Xiaomi could release three flip phones in 2021, as through Ross Young, CEO of Showcase Supply Chain Consultants. He contributed this development on Twitter. Caring for this, he has also tweeted when it comes to other companies working on foldable phones together with Oppo.

The news when it comes to Xiaomi working on a foldable android is credited by other sources girl, so it is possible that Xiaomi could put out the phones as early as next year. The particular tweet mentions that “the consequently foldable to hit the market will likely be because of Xiaomi”. It also mentions that Xiaomi will launch three foldable applying with designs such as in-folding, out-folding, and clamshell.

1st – Out and also folding
2nd – in to folding
3rd & 4th instant Clamshell
pic. twitter. com/SWr6rwVc2M

— Gadgetsdata(Debayan Roy) (@Gadgetsdata) Until 24, 2020

XDA Creators had previously seen fragments together with code in MIUI 12, as a foldable device code-named “Cetus” anywhere folding capabilities are mentioned too many times. The code revealed the software contacting companies runs on MIUI based on Mobile 11, with a 108MP camera as well as a Snapdragon SoC powering the device.

No other information about the phone will be revealed such as the launch date as size of the phone, but reports declare that the phone might be coming next year. They are speculated that 2021 will be littered by foldable phones, and it seems like Xiaomi wants to keep pace with other smartphones makers aiming to make the fold.

Given the launch of a Android 11 which is expected to automatically be foldable friendly and other companies by working with foldable devices already in the market, Xiaomi just might not wait much longer associated with release a foldable phone in early 2021.

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