It looks like Xiaomi is thinking of taking a step forward in the notebook market in India. That Chinese company released some Mi Notebook 14 model in India and is examine expanding its portfolio inside of laptop segment. According to tipster Ishan Agarwal, Xiaomi searching for at launching new Una laptops and notebooks into India. He also procedes state that Redmi is also heading towards launch a product sometime in may. No other specifications were released but if the leak is true, it will be the first time Redmi begins its laptop in the country.

Appears like Xiaomi will be launching innovative Mi Laptops/Notebooks soon as India! Redmi also has the best launch lined up for this pretty good period now. Excited for any? #Xiaomi #Mi

— Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) July 5, 2021

Even though Redmi computers have been available in China for a little bit now, the trend hasn’t had forward to India. But , seems as though that could change if the rumour is true. There isn’t too much references to go on. There isn’t any news about what models will be launched doing India or even when. Actually , earlier in January, associated with reported that Xiaomi ever had launched its Mi Virtual e-notebooks 14 (IC) in Yavatmal, india. The laptop was electric by an Intel Abdominal muscles i5-10210U Comet Lake pick and was priced at Rs 43, 999.

We’re not sure of the spectacles of the Xiaomi or the Redmi laptop but if the rumours have always been true, we should be hearing read more about them in the coming times. For now, the speculation is actually we could see AMD motorized laptops instead of the current Intel-powered machines in India. Whenever your, this is all speculation for the present time. Xiaomi and Redmi made any announcements yet.

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