Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

As the next generation of console flow to India, it looks like Microsoft will often have a few issues to iron presently there first. In a report on Gizmodo, it was stated that the Xbox Season X and Series S were being being both facing serious shortages. One particular console has been out for more than a weekend now, and it seems that demand could be described as far outstripping the supply of these video games consoles. With that in mind, Microsoft have reached out to food manufactured AMD to help fast-track things at its end.

Xbox Brand X Shortages

This should not come as an actual bug surprise to gamers like November, Xbox’s chief financial representative Tim Stuart had stated about that shortages of the Xbox Series Indécent and Series S could endure till April 2021! And Chauhan is not alone in this either on the grounds that Sony have also been facing shortages of the PS5 and are struggling to have the console out to online players. It also doesn’t help when software and scalpers scoop up video game consoles.

AMD are also in a little bit of a bind as the company had a few issues when it comes to the Ryzen 5000 processors as well. The company the difficult time meeting the demand for those debris, and it looks like it may have some logistical issues to iron out. Where there also seems to be a shortage of GDDR6 RAM as well which led to that slowing down of production on GPUs and on next-gen consoles.

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