Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

The next generation of consoles are here with the Xbox Series X and S already launched in India and the PS5 going up for pre-order on January 12. One of the highlighting features of the PS5 is the DualSense Controller, which has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which enhance the gaming experience. The Xbox Series X/S controller, on the other hand, is almost identical to the Xbox One controller with the addition of a share button, slightly redesigned ergonomics and textured triggers. 

It looks like Microsoft is contemplating adding adaptive triggers-like functionality to its controllers. A survey was sent out by Microsoft asking Xbox Series X/S owners a bunch of questions about the new consoles. The survey had the standard “how satisfied are you with your console” type questions but the question that caught TechRadar’s eye was whether users are “aware of features on PlayStation controllers” and if they wish those features were on Xbox controllers.

If Microsoft is surveying its users about features of a competitive device, it is possible that the company is contemplating implementing those features in its controller. Microsoft is no stranger to updating their controllers during the lifecycle of the console. With the Xbox One, Microsoft released a redesigned controller that brought Bluetooth connectivity for PC use without a dongle, along with support for a headphones jack, something that was widely appreciated on the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller. With the Xbox Series X/S controller, we’ve seen the addition of a share button, something Sony introduced with the DS4. 

In our review of the PS5, we praised the adaptive triggers on the DualSense as they add to the immersion by creating tension based on the activity you are undertaking. It would be interesting to see how Microsoft decides to implement the technology or possibly improve upon it in some way. The DualSense controller also comes with a built-in mic, making dictation and chats easier for when your headset is out of reach.

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