Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Whatsapp is used globally not just for private conversations between friends and family, on top of that important work-related conversations via colleagues. With the latter as their intended purpose, it becomes imperative to enable definitely sure privacy features that be certain that employees are not being made to respond to work texts just after working hours. While Whatsapp has been working on numerous system updates that increase one’s online privacy, the brand has recently begun creating what could be one of the most major updates for working products – hiding the Last Come across information from specific employees. According to Wabetainfo, Whatsapp has started testing this feature in the Beta version, and we may anticipate the same to be rolled out up to the masses eventually.

Whatsapp Update: You’ll very soon be able to hide your ‘Last Seen’ from specific people

Whatsapp will let you hide your Last a long time Seen from specific liaisons

Not all text messages hold mean priority in our lives, coupled with unfortunately, answering texts on the inside specific order can sometimes generally inquisitive questions about actually being ignored. This annoying ingredient of texting can be done away along with if you can hide your Keep going Seen timestamp from dedicated people who are likely to keep tabs on your family by monitoring the same. Rapidly overheat, if you receive a spate with regards to client-related messages over the weekend, conceal huge boon for you too continue to reply to personal messaging, without being held liable for dismissing work on weekends.

Whatsapp will let you hide your entire Last Seen from identifiable contacts

Wabetainfo spotted this deliver in WhatsApp beta option 2 . 21. 23. 2 Wochen. According to them, it will operate a similar fashion to news that let you hide your prized profile pictures from sure contacts, and hide the status updates from identifiable contacts.

The option present the Last Seen timestamp could possibly be offered with the following details – everyone, user’s clients, user’s contacts except did you know the specific people and nobody. Execute note that if you disallow a professional from viewing your Continue performing Seen, you won’t find it easy view theirs either.

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