As per a recent report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp will be rolling out a cashback feature to Whatsapp Payments. The report indicates that this feature will only be available to selected beta users, and it is not clear when it will see a mass rollout. 

Whatsapp Payments Now Offers Cashback

Cashback feature on Whatsapp Payments

After a user made five different payments, he reported receiving a cashback worth Rs 51, totalling to Rs 255 for all the payments. The user sent a screenshot showing Whatsapp congratulating him on the cashback. Wabetainfo notes that this particular cashback amount could be a part of a larger scheme to promote the adoption of Whatsapp payments. It could also be a part of a limited offer related to the ongoing festive season. The site also confirms that users can see the cashback information on the payments history page once the transaction is made.

Cashback feature on Whatsapp Payments

When will the feature be available to all users?

Whatsapp has not confirmed when the feature will roll out to all users. As of now, the feature is only available to a few Beta users. 

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