Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

WhatsApp head Will Cathcart which has posted a thread on Single-handedly, clearing the air around the ongoing argument differents around user privacy. Recently WhatsApp started rolling out its updated isolation policy that the data it collects are shared to its parent enterprise} Facebook, which has a murky track record.

The update notification warns that the new terms and privacy include more information about the messaging specialist and how it processes a user’s data. Besides, businesses can now read how to use Facebook hosted services to maintain and manage their WhatsApp fauve. The new update to terms additionally elaborates on how WhatsApp partners by working with Facebook for integration across Facebook Providers} Products.

There was a sudden rise in as many users shifting to alternative messages apps like Telegram and Enterprise soon after the notification about the renovate in privacy policy started popping up. Of which quickly came under the radar it truly is now facing criticism across social media marketing platforms. So much so, that even Tesla head Elon Musk also Messaged “Use Signal”, which added lots more fuel to the fire.

Use Signal

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Jan 7, 2021

The first subject from the company comes from WhatsApp noggin, Will Cathcart. He emphasised on the truth that all chats happening on the online store software are secure and encrypted. Your puppy also clarified that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook has access to residence user’s private chats.

This is what the WhatsApp chief said

Cathcart has published a stitch that covers all the concerns multiplying around the privacy of user figures. He starts with telling that the announcements and calls made using WhatsApp are still end-to-end encrypted. He clears that with end-to-end encryption, did not WhatsApp nor Facebook can possessing access the contents of a chat coming from two users.

Afterwards explains that the updated privacy policy will be shown to people to introduce the new industry features to the users in a more obvious way.

I’ve been watching a bunch of discussion immediately about the privacy policy update we’re simultaneously of making @WhatsApp and wanted to percent some thoughts.


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