Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

WhatsApp is essentially the messages app of choice for a essential portion of the world. Countries add India run on the messages service and thus there is an obligation to keep the app good in terms of privacy. And, WhatsApp has done just that. The company recently announced that it will be blocking utilities that allow users to ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Online’ statuses. These apps they were used by people to harass rest and even monitor time log records. As more and more sensitive material is probably passed through its servers, WhatsApp has to take extra terms and conditions to keep things safe due to the users.

WhatsApp does offer banned third-party stalker-ish utilities on its platform

WhatsApp ban

In fact , as we reported preceding, Whatsapp was already working on dozens of updates that increase your privacy. The company had turned to working on what could be one of the several important updates for job professionals – hiding the previous Seen information from certain people. WhatsApp had in progress testing this feature within the Beta version, and it is very much rolling out for all sneakers now. The feature was initially spotted on WhatsApp beta version 2 . 21. twenty-three. 14 and will work in a comparable fashion to new features that may let you hide your page pictures from specific connections, and hide your name updates from specific communications.

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The option to cover the Last Seen timestamp almost certainly offered with the following boundaries – everyone, user’s qualified prospects, user’s contacts except a directory of specific people and nobody. Complete note that if you disallow one more from viewing your Remain Seen, you won’t be prepared to view theirs either. However, the company has gone a step down and even blocked apps that can allow users to access this type of features. It’s a smart and so positive step by the opportunity} and will only serve to render WhatsApp a safer stage to communicate on.

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