Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

If you thought the season for launching products was over, then I say, think again. Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a QLED TV in India. The launch is at 12 noon, and you can watch the live stream below. 

Not much is known about the QLED TV apart from the fact that it has QLED backlighting. In 2020, we saw a bunch of brands jump onto the QLED bandwagon from the likes of Hisense, Toshiba, and even Compaq. How Xiaomi distinguishes its TV from the competition remains to be seen. While rumours circulating the internet suggest that it could be the Mi TV 5 Pro relaunching in India, Xiaomi has said that the QLED TV is made in India. 

Xiaomi QLED TV Specifications and Features

A few features of the upcoming Xiaomi QLED TV have been teased on Flipkart. The TV will support HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision and also come with HDMI eARC which is a feature of HDMI 2.1. Whether the TV brings with it any more HDMI 2.1 features remains to be seen. As for the size, it is suggested that the TV will be a 55-inch one, but it remains to be seen whether the TV will be available in other screen sizes as well. It will be a 4K panel. 

When Xiaomi entered the TV market in India with the launch of the Mi TV 4 back in 2018, it shook the industry by offering a 4K HDR TV with a slim design for a very affordable price. With QLED TVs we’ve seen OnePlus attempt to sell a QLED TV at a flagship price, and it didn’t do well for the company to the point that in 2020, OnePlus launched an affordable TV at the 50K price point with the U1 (review). We also reviewed the TCL 2020 QLED TV, the TCL C715 and you can check out our review here.

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