Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

The holiday season is at last here, and Exynos is carrying something special to help people get into the holiday spirit. Following the success of last year’s animated “Exynos: Treasure you” image, Samsung Electronics has released an extra animation to thank hobbyists for supporting Exynos. Each of our animation, titled “Together Concerning You”, is a story that a majority of delivers a warm ad of hope to everyone unable through a pandemic that has continued longer than anyone anticipated. Before we get into any additional details, please check out the heartwarming film below.




Chang Wan Ellie, a project manager at Good samsung Electronics, said his idea for making the film quite summed up by the one that you want word: ‘Together’.


“We wanted to create a short film in which expressed our gratitude for a fans who have always assisted us and have stayed ‘together’ during the pandemic, ” suggested Chang Wan Kim.


Inspired by the power of the fact that word, Dong Chul The reality star, the director of the tinting film, set out to tell a story where captured the spirit showing how we are all going through the same outbreak and meeting the same troubles. He also felt the effectiveness of the Exynos team’s implication of consolation and and the, and saw how it will probably bring people closer with him or her and remind them that these are not alone, even when they’re out.


The result is a heartbreakingly beautiful story that exemplifies our will to removed this pandemic together, equipped with characters specially created to advert to the challenges we’re all of facing.


“The alpha character from the battle sight with our two heroes is a symbol of the coronavirus, ” applicable Dong Chul Kim. “I wanted to visualize how we growing through the pandemic ‘together’. This became achieved by creating a story the place that the two worlds mirror the other user, so that if the priest restored the warrior in the game market, our gamer would later go help someone else by the real world. ”


On the other hand production process was not smooth. COVID-19 brought unanticipated difficulties, forcing the team to make producing the film done. And to make matters worse, others members of the production yanks actually contracted COVID-19 during the entire production process.


“I realized while working on this key fact film how much I omit the times when we would really meet up, share ideas with act out the scenes connected, ” said the film’s producer, So Young Dog park.


Despite the setbacks, they didn’t give up on creating a things and set of characters who will comfort and inspire people.


“We wanted to give the influence that maybe the clergyman who disappeared from the exercise could actually be the doctor the child meets in real life, ” said Seo Ki Shelter, the film’s art apoderado. “So, we tried to seize the delicate feeling of pitié and the desire to give uphold that two people feel go one another. We think younger versions are probably feeling a sense of deprival while living in this outbreak, but we hope that they will get through this tough age and still grow into wonderful grownups. ”


The show finishes with a hopeful auguration for the future. As the story gloves up, the pandemic is finished, people are returning to their consistent lives, and we see outstanding possibilities emerge when the core character gets a cell phone as a gift. But the particular gift portrayed by the report is that everyone is reuniting utilizing their loved ones and returning to every day life.


“Maybe here is the gift everyone is hoping for this holiday season, ” defined Dong Chul Kim.


While this brief story halts on a hopeful note money for hard times, it may leave some watchers asking why Samsung decided to base the story on playing games. Gaming fans, meanwhile, have likely already caught on to the spy meaning behind the film’s ending.


“We are normally working hard to wow every gaming fans, ” thought Chang Wan Kim. “So, we started out by organizing our main character staying gamer. Through this beginning gamer character, we attempted to reflect the current gaming vogue of the shift from unit to mobile. ”


And the Exynos team shows revealed that they’re preparing an alternate small gift for fans this love gaming. Early the coming year, fans can look forward to unwrapping another small but influential gift from Exynos.

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