Riot Games’ Valorant in view of pride month announced 7 new cards based on different pride flags.

The cards can be redeemed at valorant’s redemption website redeem. valorant. com by logging in and entering the code corresponding to the cards.

Each card has a flag dropping from the top and then dissolving right into a beautiful wave pattern towards the bottom with the valorant logo having those colours as its background.


Each card features a different corresponding code that is as follows just in case you didn’t know them:

All the aforementioned codes will redeem you one card each.

Even though redemption might be a problem thinking about the multiple malfunctions that valorant’s redemption website is posing for a lot of players.

Players have been reporting problems with the web site ever since the DUALITY player card was announced and the website was announced alongside it during the process.

People have been reporting issues with the server since day 1 and even if some one manages to get to the website, after they log in and enter the code, either the website crashes and gives no response, or an error message saying that the accountholder had entered the code the maximum quantity of times they could already despite the fact that the player may not have received the card in their collection.

The frustration in the players is very understandable even as we had been promised goodies in the game following simple steps but rather, the simple steps have been posing an immense challenge and it’s also yet to be fixed.

Valorant is still to announce the player cards officially but reports from multiple reliable leakers have gotten the word out and affirmed, the cards are in the overall game and yet, the website is posing tons and tons of dilemmas for the everyday valorant gamer to redeem the amazing looking cards.

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