Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

In recent years, leading operators all over the world have selected Samsung his or her partner in the journey inside next-generation networks. Samsung is usually taking 5G innovation one stage further with its industry-leading virtualized Radio stations Access Network (vRAN) answer that will enable mobile travel operators to bring greater flexibility, scalability, and resource efficiency regarding network management.



Next-Level Capabilities With a Wide Range of Cater to

Leading global operators go with Samsung’ s vRAN for its produced quality, credibility and durability, delivering performance similar to a traditional hardware-based equipment. Our own company’s vRAN is set up to support mobile operators and consequently enterprises with its ability to go over a wide range of spectrums—from low-band to be able to mid-band—as well as its in the way of in terms of supporting solutions about both outdoor and indoor environments.



“Using the company’s own independently developed end-to-end vRAN software stack, Samsung’s solution boosts network as well as the and brings agility toward the network. This in-house concepts is the key feature of Samsung’ s vRAN that differentiates our solution from other sites in the industry, ” said Junehee Lee, Executive Vice President yet Head of R& Fat-soluble, Networks Business at Special Electronics. “As a global head in vRAN technology, this article will continue to strengthen our vRAN capabilities, while aiming to build and maintain strong leadership in virtualized networks and redefining how to get possible for 5G networks. ”


Technological innovation has been factor to Samsung’s leading advancement ture of virtualized solutions. The trend of the company’s vRAN top secret can be broken down into 3 rear seat different phases, which are laid out below.



First-Generation Virtualized OVERCHARGED , One particular Virtualized Central Unit (vCU), Commercialized in 2019

Special successfully developed its vCU in 2016 to set off virtualization in mobile organizations. The vCU addresses second layer processing functions into the RAN. It is generally established in a centralized location for the operator’s network to reduce what amount of anchor point handovers, developing network quality and dependability.


The company carried out a few trials in Korea , Japan and each of our U. S. using its vCU and in 2019, successfully deployed this product for the world’s first 5G commercial networks in Korea and the U. S.



Second-Generation Virtualized RAN – A Virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU), Commercialized in 2020

Taking its decades of past experiences and long-standing leadership in just RAN technology, Samsung especially perfected a vDU using its separately developed software stack to offer outstanding performance.


Typically vDU is responsible for real-time development functions, and can either are nestled with the vCU, or on-site with the radio. By doable for the vCU and vDU to be placed in different property, vRAN offers cost-effective application and operation that comes across a range of speed, latency, throughput and quality requirements.


In 2020, Samsung included its fully virtualized end-to-end 5G RAN magic formula, comprised of a vDU but also vCU , which was later on on rolled out in a joint venture with a leading U. T. operator . The solution’s launch made it the first technological know-how of its kind to achieve wide-scale commercialization. Shortly after that, Samsung expanded its vRAN efficiency to become main in the industry to provide support with the Massive MIMO radios with mid-band, demonstrating top 5G vRAN speeds. In this route, Samsung’ s vRAN done commercial network performance world famous on par with ordinary hardware-based equipment.



Next-Generation Virtualized RAN With Elevated Capabilities – Increased Storage With Hardware Accelerators, For you to become Commercialized in 2022

This black friday, Samsung has taken vRAN one stage further with its own software collection along with a hardware accelerator, which often further increases the capacity of vRAN to support more skin cells. The hardware accelerator can be a dedicated device that works aided by the CPU in COTS web server to improve processing capacity.


As of late, Samsung completed usually the industry’ s first vRAN data session over C-Band spectrum in a live ethernet , leveraging its software-based vRAN running on COTS servers with the hardware clutch. In this trial, which was managed with a prominent U. Exercise. operator, Samsung achieved transfers close to the theoretical peak.


Samsung’s journey to truly capable vRAN has been a long a time and challenging one. Now, with the company having mailed vRAN with C-band Vast MIMO support and experiencing conducted a successful live social trial in the U. Ohydrates., the future of vRAN looks amazing.

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