Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

In an utterly baffling wiggle, Twitter has decided to honed into its image as bullies and have released new suggestions that will prohibit the exchanging of private images without come to an agreement. In a bid to try and operate the narrative, the leaders at Twitter seem to have been devote off the deep end using rules. What this means is that anyone whoever image was posted have to have their consent will now have the ability to request Twitter to move it down. Of course , surprising none, major news organisations are spared the rod even though any independent media etcetera will be subject to these etiquettes.

Sharing images is an important a significant folks’ experience on Tweet. People should have a choice for determining whether or not a photo is undoubtedly shared publicly. To that end we are now expanding the scope with my Private Information Policy.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) Nov 30, 2021

Twits has also gone on to suggest that the rules will not apply to, “public figures or individuals even though media and accompanying twitter text are shared in a public interest or bring in value to public speech patterns. ” This seems like an exceedingly vague statement, but then again, this is why most of these major social media networks deliver the results. It is unclear as to how you can these rules will be enacted and who will be the arbitrator of what is offensive and so forth It seems like a system that will be vine ripened for exploitation and blackening.

Twitter announces replacement rules

This news or information comes a day after the resignation of CEO Jack Dorsey and the appointment of a newbie, controversial CEO. The new TOP DOG was called out for three racist and derogatory twitter updates and messages that he made earlier but nothing to has actually come than it, as was expected. Sneakers have already called out the online store software for these arbitrary rules it looks like Twitter is going to experience a lot of issues when it comes to lots of people application of these rules.

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