Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Well, it looks like Twitter is trying to get into the meme game! Twitter’s product manager Isabella Turchetta, announced in a tweet saying that Twitter is including a new recommendations model that is powered by Machine Learning to understand what people think is funny. The model also studies emojis to understand how people react to tweets with emojis in them.

Screenshots of funny Tweets are shared online all the time, and when people come to Twitter to get in on the fun, these Tweets should be easy for them to find. So, we launched Funny Tweets so you can catch the highlights of what people are laughing at.

— Isabella Turchetta (@isabellaturch) December 16, 2020

 Isabella Turchetta continued by saying, “machine learning understands nuanced emotions by learning from Emojis to get a broader understanding of what people think is funny.”  

The update is part of the topics feature for “funny tweets” and “viral tweets”, where Twitter can now figure out which tweets you find funny, based on your previous likes and retweets.

This update is an effort by Twitter to grab and retain users with new and trending content that they may like. Currently, this field is dominated by Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter has also introduced a new sharing feature that makes it easier for Snapchat and Instagram users to post tweets to other platforms.

You can follow the “funny tweets” topic on Twitter to get more personalized tweets of the same genre and even see it before you catch it trending on other platforms.

Twitter has been implementing quite new features and roundabouts given the elections in the US, you can check out our previous news story about Twitter alerting users when they like a flagged or labelled tweet here.

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