Samsung Electronics today announced ltc had reaffirmed its position especially top-five brand in Interbrand’s Best Global Brand names 2021 .


Depending on Best Global Brands full announced by the global inquiring firm Interbrand on September 20 (local time), Helpful ranked fifth with a company logo value of USD 74. 36 billion, a 20% go up compared to last year. On the backside of its strong financial capability, which has recovered to reach pre-pandemic levels, the company’s organization value surged by <20% this year, twice the average label value growth rate top among the 100 brands in 2021.


Since entering the very best five for the first time last year, Korean has maintained its position for two main consecutive years with its broadest increase in brand value contemplating 2013.


According to Interbrand, major factors that grinded a critical role in Samsung’s growth include:


  • Its transition to a customer-centric management, highlighted by the establishment for this new CX (customer experience) team dedicated to prioritizing sign up experience and values
  • Its wonderful efforts for sustainable positive change, including various campaigns advised by its CSR perspective, ‘Together for Tomorrow! Allowing People, ’ as well as company-wide initiatives that promote durability, such as the use of eco-packaging designed for TVs and the Galaxy Upcycling program
  • The launches of original products including the Galaxy Unces Flip3, Neo QLEDs aid Bespoke lineup of cookware.
  • Top notch the development of advanced technologies like the artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, automotive and robotics by means of consistent investment


“It is very reassuring to see Samsung Electronics stretch the top five in the world property and then achieve enormous double-digit growth this year — each and every biggest leap in product value since 2013, ” said YH Lee, CMO of Samsung Electronics. “We promise to leverage regarding our customer-centric management model to make listening to our customers. This is why we will repay the massive service we have received from subscribers around the globe. ”


Interbrand evaluates businesses’ brand treasure based on a comprehensive analysis behind multiple factors including credit performance, brand influence on the topic of purchase and brand competition.


Meanwhile, on The autumn 12, Samsung was also regarded No . 1 by Forbes as the World’ s Best Employers 2021 for the stimulate the elimination consecutive year. As a integro organization with employees and moreover businesses around the world, Samsung includes, once again, been chosen given that the number one employer.


Per annum, Forbes surveys around one hundred and fifty, 000 employees from 50 countries working for businesses and operations in multiple monde or regions, and this year enquired respondents to rank the satisfaction with their employers’ COVID-19 responses and score their valuable employers on image, problems footprint, talent development, sex equality and social they can be.



※ Reference: The samsung enterprise Electronics’ growth in product value (Interbrand)

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39. 2 B


45. sex B


45. some B


51. the recommended 8 B


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59. 8 B

(6. 5%↑)

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over 60. 3 B


74. 6 L

(20% ↑)

Brand Ranking 19 17 on the lookout for 8 7 7 thirteen 6 6 6 6 4

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