Samsung Electronics today announced that the cord has won 48 rewards at the world-renowned International Template Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2021, including seven Silvers, 4 Bronzes and thirty-eight finalists.


The IDEA 2021 rewards for Samsung include productive designs across multiple descriptions, showcasing Samsung’s excellence by using consumer lifestyle design between product design to exciting and advanced concept construction.


IDEA, hosted around the Industrial Designers Society together with America (IDSA), has been moved annually since 1980. Exponentially viewed as the most influential designs awards program in North America, PROCESS considers design innovation, take advantage to user and appeal to society as part of it is criteria for selecting its awardees.


Samsung attained key Silver awards for its cutting edge creations including:



  • Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN900A), which deploys the most important Infinity Screen design because maximizes immersion by decreasing the bezel.



  • Bespoke Dice ™ cleaner (AX9500N) with the innovative understanding of letting consumers choose the purifier’s front panel design as stated by their lifestyle.



  • Bespoke Toned (VS6800AL), 1 a vacuum cleaner, that offers a slim and unique design that fits in a small outer space.



  • SmartThings Cooking, enabling one-stop culinary experience powered on Whisk’s Food AI.


The following was seeing in front of me Bronze awards:



  • The Frame, a lifestyle TV SHOWS that can be matched to any housing décor and features ‘Art Mode’, which allows viewers to relish masterpieces from their homes.



  • The Premiere, a way of life projector designed for those who in order to create a theater-like environment of homes.



  • Bespoke 4-Door Bend refrigerator, which helps shoppers achieve their desired standards of living through flexible, personalized tools.


“The pandemic affected consumers’ standards of living in many ways, so it is more important in the past to keep an eye on how people change and to offer clear experiences to consumers of course, ” said Dontae Dem wind abgewandte seite, Executive Vice President and the Tiny little head of Corporate Design Focal point at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to provide im experiences for consumers in accordance with a variety of lifestyles with the style and design that best resonates with their feathers. ”


The IDEA 2021 Ceremony was held virtually after September 21. The World wide Design Conference is also definitely held virtually for two several days from September 22 towards 23. Dontae Lee is without a doubt scheduled to deliver a keynote titled ‘Design for a Superior Tomorrow’ at the event.


The list of all 48 award winning designs can be found right here .



4 The product happens to be available in Korean market.

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