Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

While Whatsapp has been applauded as the world’s biggest messages app, it’s facing wild competition from its rival, Telegram. The app recently surpassed the one billion download draw on the Google PlayStore, demonstrating that brands that have cornered the market can always trim their crowns to original arrivals.

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Why should you has there been an outburst in Telegram downloads?

After Whatsapp released a unique new privacy rules past in 2021, the brand presented major controversies regarding the matching, with them eventually revisiting most of the privacy policies and releasing a host of ads reassuring users about their data being great. Early 2021 saw a lift in Telegram downloads according to the privacy rules, this type of surge has proven to be on the temporary fad. With Facebook and myspace recently making headlines information on its own policies, most supplements associated with the tech giant can find a dip in consumer bottom. Many urban users who normally are concerned about data privacy are often migrating to apps prefer Telegram and Signal in preference of Whatsapp. Facebook’s recent outage that lasted 6 every single day also resulted in over 80 million downloads for Telegram.

Telegram is popular with young users

Additionally , Telegram has also proven to be popular amid younger audiences who are connected with social groups centered on video gaming or studying. The application allows people to create in addition join such groups and promote relevant content on the same. Telegram also lets users driving report live streams, making it an appropriate option for those who host well-known webinars.

WhatsApp currently has 2 million active users, and if Telegram continues to grow at the same pace, it may very well surpass Whatsapp in due season.

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