Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Team Fortress 2, a free-to-play multiplayer game that came out in 2007, just saw its all-time concurrent player count record broken as it crossed more than 150,000 on Friday. According to SteamDB, it’s Team Fortress 2’s best day ever for a player count statistic, exceeding the previous record of 147,360 set last December.

On June 25 at around 19:50 UTC, Team Fortress 2 had 151,253 concurrent players in-game. The surge in player count could be attributed to a new update which arrived this week which was a major patch fighting the bots that plagued Team Fortress 2 lobbies. The patch added a new Summer 2021 cosmetic case and a few new tools for managing kick votes and other administrative tasks on the servers.

Team Fortress 2

Although there is some disagreement about what’s actually going on in the game as some players are reporting surprisingly bot-free experiences in the team FPS, while others are convinced that the surge is mainly due to the bot creators figuring out some new method of overcoming whatever anti-bot measures have been added in the latest update.

Another reason for the spike in players is much more likely due to a lot of recently lapsed players who have come back to check out what’s new after the recent update, which broke a record patch drought that had lasted for well over 112 days.

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