It looks like Spotify is getting in regards to the podcast business. In a previous report on Variety, Spotify announced that it would be taking on Apple’s brand new podcast subscription system. But , unlike Apple, Spotify will not charge a fee, nor will it take a membership lessen from creators. The Swedish company made huge step-size by signing on names similar to Joe Rogan to his or her service. The deal cost Spotify an insane $100 several. They even debuted a totally new video player with the request.

Spotify that launch podcast subscription phone number next week

The company should be able to launch its podcast membership feature next week but will stay off taking any cut of their profits, giving creators an even better deal than Apple. Getting a 30% cut, Apple is a follower of other platforms like Bebo, Twitch and more by taking a little of the profits. It looks like Spotify really wants to disrupt the system using move. The company will be trying out paid subscription models to podcasters, giving them the ability to bid special content to paid buyers. There are no details bright white on how it will all decide on.

The company are branching out through various kinds of deals with popular celebrities and therefore podcasters. Who knows how be sure to shape up for Spotify, nevertheless looks like the company is going to rumbling things up with this business model. Likewise Facebook plans to roll-out an integrated version of Spotify’s audio player through a use called ‘Project Boombox”. Applying the kind of service Spotify is offering, we could see a volume migration of content designers to the platform, but that are just speculation at this point.

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