From our smartphones to our online hosting storage systems, one of the main heroes our devices play is usually store our information and in addition treasured memories securely and a long time to come.


The primary focus of how this data continues to be saved for us to access when is Samsung Electronics’ market-leading semiconductor solutions, and so which you can raise awareness of just how vital a role these chips join their friends in in our day-to-day lives, Great samsung is launching its brand new SAVE campaign.


The words ‘save’ has many meanings: ‘to store’, ‘to gather’, ‘to cherish’, ‘to protect’, ‘to recover’ and ‘to liberate’ being just a few. Accordingly, unquestionably the SAVE campaign’s message may be ‘Samsung Memory Saves Each one of the Progress in the World. ’ Our slogan summarizes Samsung’s devotion, allegiance to contributing to society in manners that benefit everyone as well as the bring about a better world everything through technology solutions that many preserve the multifarious on your and experiences of communities from all corners in today’s world.


In order to raise understanding of the role of the company’s memory solutions in everyday routine, Samsung has collaborated alongside world-renowned K-pop artist NCT 127 to release a powerful small and music video, ‘SAVE. ’


Furthermore, Samsung korea has released a dedicated campaign scenario showcasing the long-term image and values that get Samsung Memory.




Samsung korea has also created a new, neuzeitlich design for the SAVE plan based on the iconic ‘save’ symbolic representation in order to highlight the importance of helping to save and put forward the idea of investing in a new generation.


Incorporating elements of the original floppy rotor construction shape, today’s SSD services, modern SD card design and therefore the ‘download’ arrow symbol, the new design brings together saving answers old and new to labor as a universal symbol available for memory – and the idea of saving.



Stay tuned for more information on the PERHAPS SAVE campaign and to learn more about what Samsung is re-defining unfavorable ‘save’ to bring new allocated memory space solutions to more people.


For further information about SAVE effort, visit the page below.

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