Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

The internet is abuzz criticizing the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the year – Cyberpunk 2077. While the game performs well on the PC and even the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, thanks to backwards compatibility, its performance on the base PS4 and Xbox One is a disaster. To know how poorly the game runs on the base consoles, you can check out the video below. 

While CD Projekt Red, the developer behind the game, is offering refunds to those that aren’t happy with the game, Sony has removed the game from the PlayStation Store entirely. Players can no longer purchase a digital copy of the game.

In a statement, Sony said, “SIE strives to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, therefore we will begin to offer a full refund for all gamers who have purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store. SIE will also be removing Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store until further notice. Once we have confirmed that you purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store, we will begin processing your refund. Please note that completion of the refund may vary based on your payment method and financial institution”. 

There is also a link where users can sign up for the refund. You can check it out here. According to Sony’s Ask PlayStation Twitter account, “We’re aware some users are experiencing issues accessing the form available within the provided link. We’re working to get it up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience”.

CD Projekt Red announced Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2013 even before we got our first look at the PS4 and Xbox One. The first trailer ever released for the game said, “Coming: When it’s ready”. That clearly didn’t happen.

What remains to be seen is whether Microsoft will follow suit. As of writing this story, the game is available on the Xbox online store. 

It must also be noted that if you have Cyberpunk 2077 downloaded and installed on your PS4 or PS5, you will still be able to play the game. If you purchased a disc of the game, you can still continue to play it. It remains to be seen when the game will be back on the PlayStation Store. Until then, you can check out our gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 on a PS5 below.

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