Amazon has confirmed how the price for the Amazon Top Membership in India might be increasing by up to half, which translates to roughly Rs 500 for the annual set. The rate hike will cover all the different types of memberships nachi offers. Amazon will regularly offer access to Prime Dvd, Amazon Music, Prime Scanning, and Prime Gaming underneath the same membership package.

Amazon Prime Program in India: New prices

Amazon Don Membership in India: Most recent prices

As per Amazon’s announcement, you can expect the following within membership prices:


Current Price

New Price

In order to

Rs. 129

Rs. 179


Rs. 329

Rs. 459

To choose from

Rs. 999

Rs. 1499

Choice Young Adult Monthly

Rs. 64 (Rs. 67 cashback)

Rs. 90 (Rs. 90 cashback)

Prime Young Adult Quarterly

Rs. 164 (Rs. 165 cashback)

Rs. 229 (Rs. 230 cashback)

Prime Young Mature person Yearly

Rs. 499 (Rs. 500 cashback)

Rs. 749 (Rs. 750 cashback)

Amazon’s affordable sticking in India is what includes helped the platform maintain a good sharp edge over Netflix. With other OTT platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar, Voot, Zee5 and others including annual plans that why exceed Rs 999, Tomboy may end up seeing a meaningful dip in their subscriber starting. To combat this, the woking platform is probably working behind the scenes entirely on increasing its content lines. Hopefully, this means we’ll get redirected surge in content, as well as the Family Man Season five launches sooner than later!

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