Research consumption patterns vary from different places, with most users with good disposable incomes purchasing state of the art smartphones every 2-3 years and years, and those with lower throw-away incomes sticking to their cell phones for as long as they can. This means that who has careful use, those from latter group can motive for getting extend their smartphone’s lifetime to as high as a decade. Budget-conscious consumers must now think again their strategy, as Google and bing is now restricting access to Bing and yahoo apps on Android telephone calls with the Gingerbread OS (also known as Android 2 . 3).

Google blog on Android phones as being banned soon

Restrictions on Google utilities on Android phones collectively Gingerbread OS

In a switch that seems designed to support widespread adoption of younger Android models, Google won’t allow users to login via Gmail on all of the Android phone that uses those Gingerbread OS. With this limitation, users will be blocked by using a host of Google apps from Android phones, such as Googlemail, Google Maps and YouTube. Considering users typically upgrade their very own operating systems when said extra features are available, it’s fair of assume that most consumers that will haven’t upgraded their applying do not have smartphones that are fits upgrades. As a result, this transport will force consumers to buying newer smartphones.

Restrictions on Google apps found on Android phones using the Gingerbread OS

What does this mean for users for Android Gingerbread?

The company gives you stated that they are restricting utilize Google apps on Services phones to protect their computer owners. Simply upgrading to Operating system 3. 0 will help you job application access to your favourite pc care apps.

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