Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Today, protecting the environment and in addition fighting climate change have technology manufacturers to take delightful thoughtful approach to innovation.


Samsung Electronics strives it is vital environmental sustainability into things it does. The company’s tools are thoughtfully designed to minimize an individual’s impact on the environment throughout distinct lifecycle – from the setting up and manufacturing stages at their use and recycling.


This includes using power-efficient semiconductor chips, sustainable packaging in addition to energy-saving technology, and which offers consumers the ability to upcycle boxes and old devices. As being a tangible solutions like these, the firm is empowering consumers to get acquainted with an important mission: conserving gear and reducing their the environmental footprint.


These hard work is reflected in the company’s TV ON YOUR COMPUTER lineup, including its 75-inch Neo QLED TV (QN90A). Check out the infographic below to look at how Samsung took a major ‘full circle’ approach to durability with one of its latest platforms.


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