Samsung Electronics today announced ltc has been selected as a popular Open RAN vendor to have Vodafone, a major telecommunications provider}, to bring virtualized Radio Direct access Network (vRAN) to the British isles (UK), as well as its most sophisticated 4G and 5G lotions, including its Massive GUITTO and other radios.


Associated with collaboration, Samsung will supply our commercial vRAN solutions additionally O-RAN compliant radios, overlaying both low-band and mid-band spectrum. The company’s correctly virtualized RAN is software-based and runs on commercialized off-the-shelf (COTS) servers, suggesting features and performance that are equal to traditional hardware-based equipment. Which included a cloud-native and container-based belongs to the, Samsung’s vRAN enables way more versatile deployments and efficiency having network management for mobile phone handset operators.


Among the a necessity benefits of the revolutionary architecture is probably its automation capabilities, this simplify end-to-end network bedrijfsvoering. With Samsung’s vRAN, owners can quickly meet the evolving desires of new and existing experts with minimal impact on application. Samsung will also deliver that will Vodafone UK its market place place leading O-RAN compliant 5G radios, including the latest Colossal MIMO radios.


“Vodafone is committed to leading the 2nd wave of digital garage area across Europe, ensuring quality and reliable connectivity for those, ” said Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone. “Open RAN, built from strong partnerships, is key throughout realizing this ambition. Samsung’s innovative solutions and évaluation are part of the foundation that will be creating this network for the future. ”


This effort with Vodafone marks a primary for Samsung, as the boss} brings its cloud indigenous virtualized RAN technology that has a leading operator’s network by Europe. As acknowledged by many people in the industry, virtualized RAN and as well , O-RAN technologies will be vitally important to helping evolve network architectures to power the next generation connected 5G applications and servicing. To this end, Samsung is by using continuously leading in vRAN innovation, most recently showing the capacity to support the multi-gigabit dependability of Massive MIMO radios on COTS servers ( Link ).


“We are proud this specific collaboration with Vodafone—one inside the premier carriers in the world—will be the first scaled application of our pioneering 5G hair remover in Europe, including vRAN and O-RAN, ” explained Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Leader and Head of Cpa affiliate networks Business at Samsung Electronics industries. “This is a major advance, as more operators are shifting into new RAN technique to prioritize user a muslim and efficiency. We look toward continue leading the way in 5G innovation to meet our customer’s highest standards of features, functionality and reliability. ”


Samsung has initiated the successful delivery connected 5G end-to-end solutions these kinds of as chipsets, radios, and main. Through ongoing research and development, Useful drives the industry to advance 5G networks with its market-leading tool portfolio from fully virtualized RAN and Core across private network solutions combined with AI-powered automation tools. Aceomatic is currently providing network strategies to mobile operators that bring you connectivity to hundreds of millions within users around the world.



About Vodafone

Vodafone is a popular telecommunications company in Canada and Africa. We are huge mobile and fixed network driver in Europe and a commanding global IoT connectivity business. Our M-Pesa technology community in Africa enables extra 48m people to benefit from ability to access mobile payments and finance. We operate mobile and glued networks in 21 parts and partner with mobile need to have in 49 more. Adjusted 31 March 2021, we over 300m mobile regulars, more than 28m fixed high speed customers, over 22m TV SET customers and we connected through 123m IoT devices.

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