Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Reliance Jio, India’s greatest telecom operator with a by. 43 per cent market share, supplies hiked the prices of its bestselling unlimited pre-paid plans by around fifteen per cent or higher. The new infinite plans will be applicable start up 1st December 2021.

If you recharge your company’s Jio prepaid number before you get there before December 1, came across still avail of the old contract deals. In fact , Reliance Jio can give an additional 20 per cent JioMart Cashback to consumers that also do advance prepaid cartouche worth above Rs. 190.

Reliance Jio hasn’t revealed the hiked prices of all current designs, but benefits across many of the popular plans remain equally. The yearly plan with 2GB/ day data sees the steepest hike of Rs 480 and will now cost Rs 2879. Here are the new charges and their comparison with unused ones.

New Dependence Jio Prepaid Plan Prices

2GB/month, unlimited voice, 300 DIENST FÜR KURZNACHRICHTEN (28 days) – Rs. 155 (old price it is the Rs. 129)
1GB/ evening, unlimited voice, 100 SMS/ day (24 days) attaining Rs. 179 (old marketing – Rs. 149)
one 5GB/ day, unlimited vocal efforts, 100 SMS/ day (28 days) – Rs. 239 (old price – Rs. 199)
2GB/ day, almost limitless voice, 100 SMS/ minute (28 days) – Rs. 299 (old price among the Rs. 249)
1 . 5GB/ day, unlimited voice, 85 SMS/ day (56 days) – Rs. 479 (old price – Rs. 399)
2GB/ day, unlimited speak, 100 SMS/ day (56 days) – Rs. 533 (old price – Rs. 444)
6GB, unlimited vocal efforts, 1, 000 SMS (84 days) – Rs. 395 (old price – Rs. 329)
1 . 5GB/ very day, unlimited voice, 100 SMS/ day (84 days) you should Rs. 666 (old fees – Rs. 555)
2GB/ day, unlimited voice, % SMS/ day (84 days) – Rs. 719 (old price – Rs. 599)
24GB, unlimited voice, 3600 SMS (336 days) you should Rs. 1559 (old price level – Rs. 1299)
2GB/ day, unlimited voice, hundred percent SMS/ day (365 days) – Rs. 2879 (old price – Rs. 2399)

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New Reliance Jio Tariffs: JioPhone Plan and as well Data Add-ons

JioPhone Plan – 3GB/month, unlimited voice, 48 SMS (28 days) to Rs. 91 (old pace: 75)
6GB Data a significant Rs. 61 (old price tag – Rs. 51)
12GB Data – Rs. 121 (old price – Rs. 101)
50GB Data with Rs. 301 (old reasonable price – Rs. 251)

The announcement follows near the hike announced while Airtel and Vodafone. Jio tariffs continue to be relatively more for the popular plans.

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