Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Red Bull has announced a new gaming tournament for Valorant players called the Red Bull Campus Clutch. The global tournament is open to university students from around the world and will include students from India. The tournament will be launched via ‘Frag-Out’, an exhibition match on February 13. This exhibition match will be played between two teams consisting of the top streamers in India.

Red Bull Campus Clutch Valorant tournament: Registration and rules

Registration for the tournament will be live from February 13 onwards. Those who are interested in signing up can do so here. Each team needs to have five members. All members should be above 18 years of age and enrolled in a university in India.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch will feature 12 online and four offline qualifiers. Followed by the National Finals and the World Finals.

Format and dates

The first online qualifier for the Red Bull Campus Clutch will take place on February 20 and the last of the online qualifiers on April 10. The offline qualifiers will happen across four major cities in India. The Bangalore qualifier will happen on March 13. The Mumbai qualifier is on March 20. The Kolkata and Delhi qualifiers are on March 27 and April 3, respectively.

Qualified teams will then advance to the online Semi Finals on April 14. The National Finals will be on April 24. The winners of the National Finals will then advance to the World Finals where they will face off against some of the best Valorant players across the globe.


At the World Finals, players will face off for the EUR 20,000 (approx Rs 17,66,000). Furthermore, the teams will also get a chance to some top Valorant players in the world to compete at the Valorant Masters tournament.

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