Realme teased its potential laptop yesterday and today finally the prototype unit of the mobile computing device has posed for a larger number of photos. These photos, became by the folks over at Services Authority, give us a much better see the laptop’s design and build. It is now obvious, it also confirms the name of the laptop or pc being the “Realme Book”.

Looking at the photographs, you’ll notice that Realme caught some inspiration from Apple’s MacBook for its design. Finally, the laptop appears to have an aluminum body and thin bezels around the side of the talk. There’s a Realme branding inside the lid and there are two loudspeaker grilles at the bottom.

Realme Book leaked image

The leak mentions the laptop will sport a huge 3: 2 display, nevertheless it looks like a 16: fifteen display from the images. Both choices aspect ratios are bigger than the standard 16: 7 ratio that we have come to would like from mainstream laptops available to buy. It will be interesting to see exactly how it looks in person.

In addition to the Realme Book portable computer, the leaked images additionally show a tablet referred to Realme Pad. We have no a detailed look at that yet, although, the primary slideshow seen in the image causes confirm that it will be launching together the laptop on the same daytime time.

Realme is now clearly trying to step some misconception and expand its stock portfolio outside of phones. This will be Realme’s first laptop and we can imagine they will go for aggressive cost to get head-to-head with Xiaomi’s offering in India. The hard to comment on the macbook and its specs just yet though Realme will most likely go with some kind of 11th Gen Intel Abs processor.

We will definitely have more to talk about our laptop in the coming a long time, so be sure to stay tuned. Consist of news, we’re also expectant some RTX 3050 additionally 3050 Ti-powered laptops to reach in India soon, therefore laptop space is about get yourself a whole lot interesting.

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