Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Realme, as you probably already know, is not just a smartphone company and they are trying to diversify their portfolio with a bunch of other products. Among many other things, the company is also rumoured to launch a laptop at some point. We heard about Realme’s laptops plans a while back and it looks like it’s happening soon. Or maybe not? 

We just came across a post from Realme, according to which it looks like they’ll be launching a laptop called ‘Meow Book’. The name, in case you are wondering, comes from the company’s mascot ‘realmeow’. No, it’s not a joke; the mascot is a superhero of sorts and you can watch this video below from Realme.

But what we have here is a laptop called ‘Meow Book’. The company has been teasing a lot of products and this ‘Meow Book’ is one of them. All these products are set to be unveiled on Thursday i.e. 1st April. Here, check it out –

A future of paw-ssabilities. All will be unveiled this Thursday. #realme #realmeow

— realme Europe (@realmeeurope) March 28, 2021

April 1 being the ‘April Fools’ Day’, we think this is a prank, an elaborate one at that. It’s an annual custom and we see a lot of hoaxes from a lot of brands trying to prank us with unrealistic product ideas that are mostly too good to be true. And occasionally some really dumb ideas too.

We don’t know anything about this ‘Meow Book’ laptop besides its name. It could very well be a good laptop with solid specs, but we really hope the company is not planning to call it that. Like, seriously. Nobody is going to take that name seriously for any product, let alone a laptop.

Besides the laptop, Realme is also teasing VR glasses and ‘Meow AI Speakers’ for a launch event that’s scheduled for Thursday. Even if this ends up not being a prank, it’s just a friendly reminder that you should probably think twice before believing anything and everything you read online on April 1st.

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