Realme could soon relieve an Apple MagSafe wireless battery charger competitor with its upcoming Realme Flash smartphone. Apple established the trend of wireless over unity magnetic chargers last year with the product release of The MagSafe charger to obtain the iPhone 12 series touch screen phones. However , Android devices may want to soon debut with a que asemeja a wireless charging technology, you start with Realme smartphones.

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Apple MagSafe-like charger for Android Smartphones: Realme MagDart

According to web pages XDA report, the Realme MagDart wireless charger might just launch soon in the Native american indian market. The smartphone coffee machine also secured a brand for “MagDart” from Eu Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

In a leaked out video, a MarDart replacement we-vibe charger can be seen charging up an actual smartphone from 18% for 25% in around three minutes. The video also seems to give us a look at the Realme MagDart charger which seems to have a squarish design. The video likewise shows that it has a USB Type-C connector and attaches into smartphone magnetically.

The “MagDart” magnetic instant charger also has vents found in its lower portion. And this has a “Realme” branding highest. Another leaked image shown some crucial technical specification of the MagDart charger. This particular seemingly has a 50W receiving rate, 4. 4A battery juice current and a voltage from 4V.

Electronic progress in terms of wireless coupled with fast charging is all typically the rage among smartphone plus in 2021. Wired garnirs can easily cross the 100W charging speed limit through several flagship smartphones, although wireless charging tech will continue to progress as well.

As we see magnetic wireless network charging tech get to arrive at Android devices, Apple is one step ahead featuring its portable MagSafe charger. In this case it’d be interesting find out what other smartphone makers because of make their devices good deal more competitive.

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