Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Krafton games announced the PUBG universe expansion with a new mobile title called PUBG: New State. It looks like a more futuristic take on the already popular multiplayer genre. The game will land on both Android and iOS later this year.

Ever since PUBG: New State was first announced, the only question a lot of us have on our minds is whether it will come to India. There’s a lot of speculation around the same, but it looks like the India launch might be in cards.

While there’s no official confirmation from Krafton themselves, some reports are suggesting that some people have stumbled upon a hidden Hindi version support for the new PUBG game. If you look at the image below, you’ll notice a huge dump of source code on the website that indicates the Hindi support.

Krafton games announced the PUBG universe expansion

This may come as a relief for a lot of people who are very excited about the game’s release. In fact, this game has a huge potential for an explosive launch here considering the fact that the current version of PUBG Mobile remains banned in India.

PUBG New Slate to launch in India

That being said, it is possible that Krafton will schedule a separate launch for India. Things are quite complicated for PUBG Mobile in India and it might not be a very good idea to get this game out when there’s so much going on. In fact, we won’t be surprised with Krafton waits for the government to unban the original game first.

So before you get your hopes high, it is worth pointing out that even though there are some codes suggesting the Hindi version support, it is best to expect a delayed-release in India, if it happens at all. Some reports suggest that the PUBG: New State global launch will not include India, China, and Vietnam. Let just wait for some more official info straight from the folks over at Krafton.

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