Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Krafton’s newest game, PUBG: New State has surpassed the 1 crore utilized in mark on the Google Playtime Store. The game was launched throughout the iOS and Android with November 11 and been able to reach the milestone only days after release. All right, this number isn’t insanely surprising considering the fact that the game attained already crossed the nombreuses million pre-registration mark, which specifically seems to suggest that this amount will only increase.

PUBG: New State – Specifics

PUBG: New Status is the first game with regard to launch under the PUBG domain name since PUBG Mobile have been banned in September 2020. Since then, the game did make a major comeback of sorts with the help of Battlegrounds Mobile India, that wasthat’s pretty much the same as PUBG Cell, albeit with a few tweaks.

PUBG: New Town is pretty similar to the classic PUBG battle royale formula where ever players and or teams the battle it out to be the last specific standing. The gameplay criteria was tweaked a little bit to earn things seem fresh. Difficulties with ., the game is set in the near-futuristic world of 2051. The game now offers two battle divine maps. One is a new ones of the classic Erangel map titled Erangel 2051 and a some thing map called Troi. The online game also includes weapon customisation, bum store, as well as a player recruiting system. As is the case today, the game will be updated routinely with new content along with a season-based service.

If you are an Android user, visit the following link to download and install PUBG New State. The stream size for Android is different from phone to phone as well a flagship phone considering Snapdragon 888 chipset, genuinely 1 . 67GB in size. Structure iOS version, it is 1 . TWO GB in download size.

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