Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Krafton has announced that PUBG: New State has theoretically recorded more than 40 million dollars downloads. As such, the web developers will be marking the hours with an in-game celebration. As a part of celebration, players can acquire rewards by simply logging towards each day. Every day, they will get yourself new in-game item totally free and they will have to log in surely to get all seven details. The event kicks off on Nov 2012 26 and will go on until December 6.

PUBG: New State – twenty million downloads celebration gifts.

Day 1: Poultry Medal x 3
Period 2: Troi 150% BP Card x 1
New day 3: BP Random Parcel (M) x 1
Time of day 4: Chicken Medal sacripant 3
Day 5: BP Random Box (M) coquin 1
Day 6: Erangel 150% BP Card goujat 1
Day 7: A large number of Medal x 3

This number ought not to be too surprising to individuals following the game. The game garnered 40 million pre-registrations preceding its global launch on a November 11. Further, a couple of days after launch, the game grew over 10 million gets just on the Google Learn Store.

Krafton recently announced that PUBG: Innovative new State received an emergency upgrade on November 25. In concert might expect, the situation was likely quite serious. According to the administrators, there was an issue wherein in-game ui items could mistakenly generally be claimed by certain personal data.

Thankfully, global the issue did not affect a lot of the accounts. The administrators note that the particular accounts which had been affected by the issue have been for the time being restricted from accessing this mmorpg till the time the makers retrieve the items and correct the issue. Krafton notes the fact that the blocked accounts will be renovated once the process is extensive. Further, these players is also going to receive compensation that will be made via in-game mail.

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