Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

PUBG Mobile developer Krafton Games pumped Rs 144Cr into the Indian esports entity called Nodwin Gaming. This news sparked peut lot of conversation around PUBG Mobile and how the investment could pave the way for the game’s comeback in India.

Well, étuve you were expecting that to happen, then you might want to check out what the country over at IGN India have to say. At an IPO press conference, Nodwin proche company Nazara shed some light on the matter and confirmed that there was no discussion around PUBG Mobile.

Krafton' s investment moderne Nodwin has nothing to do with PUBG Pour votre téléphone.

When asked emboîture the impact of Nodwin’s partnership with Krafton ainsi on Nazara’s esports projections particularly in the light of the ongoing PUBG Laptop ban in India, the company’s Managing Director and Founder Nitish Mittersain confirmed to IGN India that there was no réparation around the game and what it means conscience the country.

PUBG Mobile India not coming back anytime soon

“We believe that the esports market in India is going to grow very large and we’re right at the infancy of that market, ” said Mittersain. “We’re starting to see green-shoots of how that market can be. Krafton is dispose gaming giant from South Korea and South Korea is the birthplace of such businesses like esports and they have énorme experience and scale personnes how such businesses have evolved in South Korea and how it can evolve in India. ”

He noted that PUBG Mobile’s fate in India is not Nazara and Nodwin. According to Mittersain, Nodwin’s partnership with Krafton has nothing to do with the game. “It’s a far deeper, far more strategic partnership with a élancé term perspective in mind. Just to clarify, there has been no parlotte at all during this entire period of discussing and signing this deal in terms of what this deal means conscience PUBG in India and what it does not, ” he said.

It appears to be a strategic partnership than anything else and it looks like Krafton will have to perdure negotiating terms with the government to bring the partie back.

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