Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

It seems like PUBG Mobile India may already be in the hands of a select few people. According to a now-deleted tweet by popular YouTuber, Maxtern, the game is available for a select few and those individuals will only be allowed to upload videos a day before the official release of the game. He also suggests that he will be posting a ‘first look’ soon and that the servers are not working for the Indian version at the moment. 

As mentioned earlier, Maxtern soon deleted the tweet, which may imply that he wasn’t supposed to reveal the information. Regardless, it isn’t uncommon for influencers, journalists and publications to receive games before launch in order to create content. This could include reviews, features or videos. This allows them to release content as soon as the game is launched. However, there is usually a strict embargo in place to ensure information does not leak beforehand. 

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We still do know when exactly PUBG Mobile India will be launched, but it seems like the date may be just around the corner. According to a post by Gem esports on Instagram, the Google Play Store app review team has been notified of publishing PUBG Mobile India instantly and not to be held up in the review queue. The post cites an anonymous source who also disclosed that the notification was sent out on November 24 which likely means that the game will be hitting the Google Play Store in the next few days. Further, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, has recognised PUBG India Pvt Ltd as an individual entity based out of Bangalore in India.

Regardless, nothing has been revealed yet and users are advised to keep an eye on PUBG Mobile India’s official channels to know what’s in store. Similarly, they should also be aware of any fake PUBG Mobile India trailers that have been popping up online.   

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