Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Ever since PUBG Mobile provides banned in India began to allow September last year, there’s a lot of investment about whether it will at make a comeback. Although we come across plenty of reports on a daily basis saying the game’s comeback, the very fate of PUBG Trasportabile in India remains unclear.

On the same facial lines, we have yet another piece of advice that can be tied to the game’s comeback. It looks like PUBG Business is hiring people to work from the dog’s Bengaluru office. The company submitted some listings on LinkedIn which suggests that they are looking for a wise investment & Strategy Analyst.

The company would like an Investment & Strategy Analyzer.

The listing is for good associate-level position and is searching for someone who can support the mature team in mergers along with acquisitions (M&A), investment, etc.. This particular listing was circulated at around midnight, 03 18.

PUBG Co now hiring in Indian

The responsibilities as well duties described in the detailing say they are looking for someone to guide the senior team located in “evaluation and analysis because of M&A/Investment opportunities, including doing gaming/entertainment/tech industry research and as well analysis. ” The contender will also have to “support throughout key corporate strategic organising processes” and support all “process and global value flow evaluation with respect to The indian subcontinent and MENA regions. ”

While the directory site doesn’t provide any caractère about PUBG Mobile’s return in India, it does indicate that some work end up being done behind the scenes and they are now growing the office in the country.

This, by the way, is absolutely not the first time PUBG Corporation delivers posted a job listing with regard to India post the game’s official ban in the country. The amount of was looking for a Corporate Development Seccion Manager in India on into October 2020 too.

This report likewise reminds us about the time when Krafton Games didn’t open pre-registrations in India for its newer version of PUBG Cellular called PUBG: New Locale and instead said they are working away at bringing the original game back to you. So perhaps they are keep focusing on that and a lot of do the job is still going into it backstage.

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