The announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India by Krafton Inc. created quite a bit of storm. The game will be the new incarnation of PUBG Mobile in India and will give mobile gamers in the country a chance to win ‘chicken dinners’ after many months. However , in their excitement to get their hands on the overall game, they might just end up losing everything.

Several websites promising the APK files for Battlegrounds Mobile India have popped up, all promising the same thing. Early access to the game. However , it ought to be noted that Krafton Inc. itself has not posted such a thing about the launch of the overall game. In fact , Krafton has noted that there will initially be a pre-registration period for the game. In other words, the APK files posted on such websites are not genuine.

What will happen if I down load and install some of these fake APK files?

Downloading one of these fake APK files leads to a whole host of problems. If you are slightly unlucky, you’ll end up with a cheap, knock-off game that is riddled with advertisements. If you are lucky, you’ll end up installing the Korean, Chinese or global version of PUBG Mobile. This can do pretty much nothing and the developer makes some change from ad revenue. But, things can get much worse.

There is a chance that the APK may create a fake login screen and use that to phish for your login details. This can lead to hackers stealing your PUBG account or worse, your social media details where they might be able to attempt to scam your friends. There is also a chance that the APK might be malware or spyware, which could then be used to steal emails or bank account details.

As always, remember to only download potentially dangerous files such as APK files from trusted sources like the Play Store. And keep an eye out for any official announcements from Krafton Inc. before generally making a call.

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