Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Sony’s PS5 gaming console went on pre-order in India on January 12. It launched in India on February 2. If you weren’t one of the fortunate few that got the console at launch, then it looks like you will have to wait for some time before the console is officially available in India again. 

When will the PS5 restock in India?

After the first wave of pre-orders, Sony confirmed that there would not be a second round of pre-orders for the PS5 in India. Now that the console has launched, it is hard to get one from any of the popular online and offline retailers. While units are available via the parallel import market, they are priced quite high and gamers will have to shell out upwards of Rs 80,000 to get one. 

As far as Sony India Centres are concerned, IGN India has spoken to several of them and there is no information on when the console will be back in stock.

Twitter handle @PS5India is another source to track for the availability of the console. 

Those interested can also follow updates for the PS5 India Reddit thread here and also check out the PS5 India Discord here. 

Online the console was available via a number of retailers and below are the links to their respective PS5 product page or PlayStation 5 home page for you to track.

Amazon PS5 page

Flipkart PS5 page

Vijay Sales PS5 Page

Croma PS5 Page

Games the Shop PS5 Page

Sony Centre PS5 Page.  

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