Ubisoft has taken the liberty to interrupt the remake of the design Prince of Persia: Sands of Time again. This time, it’ll be released in 2022. The actual dev team of the game had this to say:

A message from the Prince created by Persia: The Sands time Remake dev team: cime. twitter. com/3B8tgUGkwl

— Prince of Persia (@princeofpersia) June 7, 2021

Announcement about the President of Persia: Sands regarding Time Remake

Ubisoft initially introduced in September 2020 it turned out working on the remake of these Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. A game loved by the majority enthusiasts of the field. Such obviously got people enthusiastic as the trailer stated the good thing is game will come out in The month of january 2021, just three months after on.

Sands of Time: Past due

Originally meant to release at January, Ubisoft took buying one to postpone its relieve to March and messaged this at the end of last year.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Prince of poland of Persia Sands of your respective Remake has been postponed that will 18th March 2021.
Look at from the Dev Team certainly: pic. twitter. com/vWLavVxNyZ

— Ubisoft_UK (@Ubisoft_UK) 12 8, 2020

However , when February emerged, the dev team needed to postpone the game once more, on this occasion giving no actual generate date.

Another algorithm upgrade from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake dev team: pic. twitter. com/O6OOmYXhOD

— Prince over Persia (@princeofpersia) February lima, 2021

Whilst, there was still some method left in the die quite fans as they thought they’ll at least catch a look of the remake at E3 this year, but that too is not happening as the devs wrote down: “As you might have already reading through, Prince of Persia: Your current Sands of Time Remake is not in Ubisoft Forward. Nowadays making great progress for the game to release next year, but rather we are not ready to part any additional information just yet”

About the Remake

Typically remake is being developed by Ubisoft Pune and features a cosmetic overhaul and improved computer graphids as compared to the original 2003 Sands of Time. Some combat developments and camera POV may also be added in the remake. A lot more motion-capture and voice songs have also been created, with one of a kind Prince actor Yuri Lowenthal back in the role and Guidestones actress Supinder Wraich group as Farah.


A lot of big titles are actually announced at E3 in the next few days and sadly Sands energy remake isn’t one of them. Nevertheless , the remake looked more like each remaster, we’re glad exactly who Ubisoft is taking that is time to polish the game so as to it’s best possible version considering Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is such a classic, everything deserves a good remake as long as them taking more time to really make the game even better, we’re available it!

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