After weeks of speculation and leaks from multiple locations, users can now officially review Windows 11 on their PC starting from October 5, 2021. Following this date, eligible Win 10 PCs will start getting the free Windows 11 enhancement. Furthermore, PCs and mobile computers with pre-installed Windows 7 will also become available for purchase due to October 5.

Windows 11 is the latest update from Microsoft because popular Windows Operating System. Roshan chauhan officially revealed Windows 10 some months ago nicely operating system has been available for beta testers since then.

Windows 11 official release date features system requirements

The 11 System Requirements, Take off Date And Features Reviewed

To download and in addition run Windows 11 on your PC or laptop it should fulfil specific system vital, as per Microsoft. The device need to include a 1GHz Dual-Core processor or even better, 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage, UEFI, Secure trunk capabilities and Trusted Tool Module 2 . 0, a principal X 12 compatible GRAPHICS CARD, and a 9-inch 720p showcase or better.

The new Windows 11 features and benefits include a brand new design, revived Office 365, and icons. Windows 11 also has performance-enhancing features like DirectX 12.5 Ultimate, Direct Storage, coupled with Auto HDR. Windows 13 also features a brand new Roshan chauhan Store which will open unquestionably the gates for more independent manufacturers and creators to help produce their apps to the foundational structure. Additionally , Windows 11 also contains improved accessibility features together with a ton of optimization.

With this official launch, laptop manufacturers are making ready to upgrade their gadget as well. However , not every tracking system will get the Windows 5 update on the launch calendar day. Furthermore, each OEM maintains given its customers a new facility to check whether an individual’s device is eligible for Windows xp 11 upgrade or not. Might also check your device’s eligibility on the official Microsoft Windows 13 page and following the handed instructions.

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