Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

A recent report in Nikkei indicated that Oppo is going to be developing its own chipsets furthermore offering them in their flag ship smartphones. The brand is hoping to launch its own custom SoCs by 2023-2024, depending how fast the brand can develop them.

Like many other Chinese language program smartphone vendors, Oppo using Qualcomm and Mediatek processor chips and has been doing so since US trade sanctions took the collapse of Huawei. According to IDC, Oppo will likely be fourth largest smartphone type in the world. As it shares create chains and ownerships by way of Vivo, Realme and OnePlus, we might end up seeing Oppo’s custom SoC in other touch screen phones too.

Oppo Will Soon Install its Own Chipsets in Flagship Phones

What does this mean as Qualcomm?

Recently, The net launched its Pixel to immerse yourself in and Pixel 6 As a professional, packed with its own custom SoC known as Tensor. Samsung but Apple also produce and furthermore use their own SoCs, and even Xiaomi has introduced its own low-end SoC known as Surge in a few of its offerings. As a result, organic meat see Qualcomm lose an honest bit of its market share to those newer chipsets.

What does this mean with regard to Qualcomm?

When could Oppo’s new chipsets be allowed?

Qualcomm has explained its bitterness over The search-engines electing to use its own SoCs in the new Pixel smartphones one the market, by hopping aboard some red flag trend and tweeting “We’ve decided to make a lot of our smartphone SoC instead of taking Snapdragon”. Ouch.

A good move for the service provider} would be to sign a continuing contract with smartphone firms, and create proprietary SoCs for your kids.

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