OnePlus has given its plans for the future towards OxygenOS and camera skill. The company has announced that it is always integrating its OxygenOS and then Oppo’s ColorOS teams to progress a unified operating system. OnePlus has also confirmed that the placed OS will debut meanwhile with the flagship series, likely my OnePlus 10 in 2022.

What’s next for OnePlus? @PeteLau talks about his assuming they for the future.

— OnePlus (@oneplus) September 20, 2021

Future of OnePlus: OxygenOS and so ColorOS integration happening in 2012

Future for OnePlus: OxygenOS and ColorOS integration happening next year

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau accepted the OnePlus forums as well as the revealed the plans with respect to OnePlus 2 . 0 which inturn he says is the next task in the company’s evolution. “I believe we are now delightful mature and reliable scientific research brand that continues to bring about top-quality products to buyers around the world with the same Not ever Settle spirit as just before you decide, ” he writes of the post.

OnePlus is looking to combine the suitable features from OxygenOS as in its fast and level interface along with its spending lightweight design with some efficiently features from ColorOS. The brand new unified operating system will be go back to and reliable as OxygenOS but OnePlus did not discuss the exact changes incoming for it.

“I believe that the unified windows os will keep the DNA to OxygenOS that many of you cherish so much, while also forcing you to have an upgraded experience overall. Don’t forget that, OnePlus has a unique selection of users, therefore we will vary the unified OS has developed OnePlus devices to make sure this particular meets your expectations, for instance by keeping it as clean and light as before, and forwarding to support unlock bootloaders, ” Pete wrote.

The company will display more details about which cellphone will receive the unified OS IN THIS HANDSET at a later date.

OnePlus duplicity down on camera features

OnePlus doubling down on cameras features

Those CEO also revealed that they happen to be doubling down on camera features to deliver a premium experience. In the next cycle, OnePlus is looking to shorten and create an easy to use camera iphone app and offer better point-and-shoot specifications.

OnePlus’ journey with Hasselblad is likely to continue to evolve in this is certainly phase with more focus on leaflets science, calibration, custom receptors and lenses.

OnePlus also reaffirmed that it will continue to offer get pleasure from at multiple prices. “Most importantly, going forward, our more cost-effective product ranges will become good deal more localized, while continuing to implement our premium and ultra-premium flagship smartphones globally, ” Pete says.

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