Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

OnePlus Nord 2 has allegedly exploded again. reports claim that this time, it casued severe second-degree burns to the user. If reports are to go by, this is the fourth such incident, which in turn has lead to public outrage over the quality control practices of OnePlus. A Twitter user has posted some pictures of a charred Nord 2, along with a soul-searing picture of the injured right thigh of the user.

The tweet was posted on November 3 by Suhit Sharma and yesterday he tweeted again stating that OnePlus is in constant touch with them and that the R&D team is working on resolving this case. Unfortunately, there are no details about what caused the incident and led the Nord 2 to catch fire.

@OnePlus_IN Never expected this from you #OnePlusNord2Blast see what your product have done. Please be prepared for the consequences. Stop playing with peoples life. Because of you that boy is suffering contact asap. pic.twitter.com/5Wi9YCbnj8

— Suhit Sharma (@suhitrulz) November 3, 2021

The pictures show the phone exploded from the middle, and in between the frame causing second-degree burns to the user. Suhit has also shared a picture of the jeans this user was wearing when the blast occurred. Apart from the four images posted by Suhit, there is not a lot of information that he shared online and an official statement from OnePlus is awaited. 

@OnePlus_IN is in constant touch with us and R&D team is working on the case we are Co-operating with them to get this resolved asap

— Suhit Sharma (@suhitrulz) November 8, 2021

Meanwhile, a relative of the victim reached out to MySmartPrice and said that the incident took place at midnight while he was riding a bike. As per that report, the phone was purchased two months back from Amazon and the user is now in hospital with second-degree burns. OnePlus has collected the burned unit of the Nord 2 from the user and has issued a full refund along with taking care of the medical expenses.

This isn’t the first case of a Nord 2 exploding that we have heard. In September, a lawyer’s Nord 2 unit allegedly caught fire and exploded inside the court chamber. The lawyer, Gaurav Gulati, did not submit the unit to OnePlus, which led the company to send a cease and desist notice to him.

In October, another user claimed that his Nord 2 charging adapter exploded, which OnePlus later said was caused due to voltage fluctuations. 

The latest incident, however, should put a spotlight on OnePlus to investigate thoroughly into the matter and initiate a recall if there’s something wrong with the Nord 2. 

In related news. OnePlus is gearing to launch a special OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition in India that is inspired by the iconic maze game. The phone has a redesigned back panel that glows in the dark and is priced at Rs 37,999.

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