Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

The OnePlus 9 cable launch is just a few days up now and the company remains feeding us teasers and also the precise product information, leading up to the launch expo. The new piece of info, getting straight from the CEO Pete Lau himself is that the OnePlus 9 series phones will receive a two-year warranty instead of just one.

Pete distributed an elaborate post on Weibo explaining how most dieters replace their flagship gizmos typically in two years thinking new OnePlus 9 collection of warranty period will now illustrate their replacement cycle.

OnePlus 9 collection launches on March twenty three.

As exciting since this news is, it’s genuinely pointing out that the two-year guarantee offer will be limited to The far east only. Yes, according to the OnePlus representatives who spoke aided by the folks over at Android Recognized, that particular Weibo post all-around extended warranty period was selected to China.

In India and Specialists, however , the phones must continue to have the same one-year guaranty for free based on industry-standard. A long-term warranty can be availed within a additional cost, of course. It is a great little disappointing news because OnePlus is a popular name with regard to India.

Two-year warranties are mandatory for use with devices in Europe, therefore consumers in that region is normally covered by the law. So this now means the OnePlus 9 in addition to 9 Pro variants in the China and Europe includes a two-year warranty, in contrast to the Indian and American variants won’t get the the same treatment.

OnePlus 7, OnePlus 9 Pro Start Details

OnePlus is definitely hosting a virtual event at March 23 to unveil the new phones. The company is likewise launching the much-awaited OnePlus Watch alongside the new headphones. Recently, we also found that the company is preparing theĀ OnePlus 9RĀ for the Indian promote, and it will debut alongside the right phones on the same day.

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