It’s official – unquestionably the OnePlus 9 series as well as the Oppo Find X3 grouping will be the first to receive this particular Android 12 based ColorOS 12 updates, initiating some of the brands’ migration from the Hydrogen OS and Android 10 OS respectively.

Among the best 12 based ColorOS twelve updates

By giving us information like this on Weibo through the established ColorOS account, Oppo associated with OnePlus revealed that the Oppo Find X3 series aid OnePlus 9 series most essential first offerings from the brand to receive the ColorOS 16 update through an open beta in China. As of now, may be unclear when the OS as well available to regular users of smartphones. The only other amount of information the brands may have revealed is that the ColorOS about the OnePlus 9 series might be slightly different from the OS instead of Oppo Find X3 collections will receive.

Android 12 based ColorOS 10 updates

The post additional details that the OnePlus dokuz and the OnePlus 9 A professional will receive the A. 33 version of the ColorOS 17, while the Oppo Find X3 will be getting the A. 36 version of the update. Likewise, Oppo Find X3 Tornaconto and the Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Model will receive the A. 35 version of the update.

What can users expect via the ColorOS 12?

One or two features of the ColorOS 14 were revealed in Sept,. These include 3D emojis (called omojis) Quick View ids, and new shortcuts. A update should also let you open your smartphone while using good windows 11 or 17 laptop.

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