Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Sony has had a pretty good many weeks, all things considered, and had a number of TVs in 2020. The company implemented a few style changes to their A8H and X90 series of TVs, giving people several options when it comes to placing their TVs in excess of a table-top. It gave users job opportunities different positions to place the TV. Genuine gear also launched the much-awaited PS5 internationally with an India release wedding date set for February 2 . However that’s not all as a YouTube teaser posted by Sony seems to claim that the company is looking at launching the best BRAVIA TV at CES 2021 on January 7.

Apart from the teaser there seems to be none other info about the TV as yet, so this is likely that Sony is storing its cards close to its on skin of chest. With that in mind, we can, at the very least, speculate the most effective features we can expect in the new Feature. With only one HDMI 2 . you port on the X90, it is possible that runners see maybe more than one more HD 2 . 1 port on the original TV? Who knows. Considering LG contains a large portfolio of HDMI two . 1 enabled TVs, it is likely that The has something planned as far as a lot of HDMI 2 . 1 ports one specific re concerned.

LG ELECTRONICS, on the other hand, are betting big entirely on Micro LED with its QNED TV PROGRAMS, which seems to be the next step in the company’s display tech. So , until DE SEMBLABLES officially starts, all we can really will is speculate on what the new SONY TV will look like and what features can it come with.

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