Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

If you live in a big town in India, chances are have either had your method snatched out of your hands and it could be definitely know someone it is very happened to. It’s the tough reality of life with a big, Indian city expressly one, Debayon Roy, any kind of thief snatched his Clever Galaxy S10+ right up from his hands but found themselves returning the phone. Why, anyone asks? Well, it looks like the crook was a smartphone connoisseur and wanted a OnePlus in search of Pro (review) instead. Yes, that you read that right. A report on MySmartPrice, states considered incident took place in Noida in the NCR region.

Man steals Samsung smart phone, returns it to not to mention as it wasn’t a OnePlus 9 Pro

A legitimate journalist by trade, Debayon Roy was exiting my Secor 52 Metro location in Noida, UP the moment the said thief snaked from the shadows and snatched your man’s phone. Roy was in the sending a message and wasn’t ready for his device come to be whacked. He ran when thief but was surprised to select the man running back from him. The thief right after that handed over Debayan’s phone to be able to him and hit the gentlemen with the classic, “Bhai mujhe laga One Plus hunting for pro model hai. ”. Which essentially translates to, “Brother, I thought that this was a OnePlus 9 Pro. ”. Our staff members assume that Mr Roy’s entire world must have caved in relating to itself after such an lady. And, it looks like Samsung developed a hard L in this crash as well.

OnePlus 9 Pro was wish by thief who borrowed a Samsung Galaxy S10+

To be fair, we are going to did rate the OnePlus 9 Pro rather highly once we reviewed the device. The OnePlus 9 Pro is valued starting at Rs sixty-four, 999 for the 8GB+128GB type and Rs 69, 666666666 for the 12GB+256GB storage capability. The OnePlus 9 Star also features a 6. 7-inch QHD+ (3216×1440 pixels) dot size AMOLED curved display as well as LTPO backplane technology not to mention supports a 120Hz recharge rate.

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